Questions on Covering a Foam c160

Hello! new to the forums, hoping I can get some input from more experienced builders on a question I have.

I recently decided, after flying RTFs only, to try my hand with a kit. I always loved commercial and Cargo planes, so I ordered the c160 Twin Hercules PNP kit off Banggood, due to its low price for a PNP commercial-esque airplane.

I am looking forward to building this kit, however I wanted to ask what the best course of action would be to create a more scale surface on the foam. I have seen videos (such as RamyRC) where he uses vinyl to cover his wings and fuselage.

My question is, is this feasible to do to this particular model? or would it add too much excess weight? Here are the stats for electronics:

Item number: C-160
Wingspan: 1120 mm
Wing area: 14.3dm2
Full length: 840mm
Full weight: 580g
Material: EPOS
Outer package size: 22cm*22cm*72cm
Motor: 2208 1800kv *2
ESC: 20A*2
Steering gear: MG90S 9g *4
propeller: 6030*2/6040*2

I have also seen options of people painting the foam, however I am not sure what paint will be safe for what I assume is EPO foam (listed as EPOS) other than water-based acrylics.

If the vinyl is a decent option, what would you recommend?

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated! Just into the hobby (coming from surface RC) so excited to start getting more serious than just my rtf aeroscout