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QX7 with 'Jumper 4 in 1 module Failsafe throttle goes flat out


Active member
Ok so here is my issue.
I am using a QX7 with the jumper 4 in 1 module (I only have dsm2 Rx's at the moment)
and when i first went to set it up i noticed the fail safe option isn't there when you select external module.
and when setting it up for a wing my elevons where somehow mapped to throttle and all the control surfaces needed to be remapped .
I did this with the Qx7 no problem.
but when i checked to see what would happen if i turned of my radio (Simulate loss of signal)
the motors instantly went full thottle (Prop was off)
Anyone know how to fix this. (This never happened with my old TX6i Orx Transmitter .
And I'm not sure if this is something i can setup in the RX.

Any thoughts ?:unsure:


Active member
I think i may have knocked the throttle stick forward when doing the initial bind. (silly mistake . Re-Binded or Re-Bound it making sure the throttle stick was in the fully down position and seems to have sorted it).