Radiolink Byme D Gyro issues with FT Mini Arrow


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So I am having issues with a specific flight stabilizer and was wondering if anyone of you had this same issue.
It seems like I cannot calibrate the gyro and the control surfaces in Stab/Gyro mode are all over the place when the plane is level.

Here is the video of my problem.

ESC is calibrated
RX in bound properly
None of my channels are reversed.
TX is FlySky i6X
RX is a 6ch iA6B using sbus

When I switch to Stab or Gyro mode, my Ailerons get pushed so far that I am afraid that I am going to break the servos or hinges! :(
Manual mode seems to work fine though so my hypothesis of my Sbus not communicating properly is false.

Ideas on how to calibrate this thing? I tried putting the sticks to the outside extremities like in the manual (see attachment).



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Did you ever get this working? My Byme-D does NOTHING when I switch to either of the gyro modes. The servos only move when in manual mode.


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to calibrate it, sometimes depending on the servos setup you did, youll need to put one stick completely opposite.when setting one of mine up. left stick was just as you were doing but I had to put the right stick right and up instead. That should make it flash. If not try left stick left and up while right is down and out. Once that's done try the safe mode and gyro again. If it's still wrong then youll need reverse the channels on the gyro itself. The button on the front. Tap once for ch1 and 2 for ch 2. You should see the light change or flash.
I had the same issue setting up one of my byme A, but the other was good out of the box