Range Testing Some Awesome FPV DIY Projects!

Last week I Range Tested some new DIY Projects and couldn't be happier with the results, and surprisingly the footage!
1) A Helical Antenna literally made out of trash that works unbelievable.
2) A 2500Mah Li-Ion battery really improved flight time and range capabilities.

- Range Test Goal: Determine maximum video range and trip distance.

- DIY Li-Ion Battery Build: (I also attached a simple wiring diagram for reference.)

- DIY Helical Antenna: (I haven't made this video yet, but let me know if you're interested.)

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Also if you have any questions, comments, thoughts, just let me know.



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Here is the DIY Helical Video,10 quick easy steps. This DIY is meant to be simple, and demonstrate that you don’t have to be highly precise or even use quality materials to make an amazing antenna.

(Note: If you want to spend extra time and money to build a proper helical I’m sure it will be even better, but the range I’m getting exceeds my battery life so good enough!)

If you have any questions feel free to ask here or in the comments on YouTube. Cheers!

P.s. here’s some OSD screenshots of my range tests!
C6F078E2-4F97-4FF0-93A8-1A25766FA2D8.png 1FE32BEC-00A4-4607-A7E2-BEACB88B4E99.jpeg
Had an amazing test flight recently, until I flew behind a mountain ridge and lost all radio signal!
Oops, but still a win!

(Side note: What do you guys think about the edit and overall video? Lame, Cool, any Constructive Criticism?) Thanks!