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RC Champ s+ broken propeller shaft

So I was flying my nice new champ one day and it’s my like second time flying it and then boom I nose dive it into the ground and then the propeller breaks off. So I was thinking this is a easy fix I can just glue it back on. But when I fixed it the propeller always wobbled so I didn’t want to take it up in the air.

So I was wondering do I have to replace the shaft and screw that was in the propeller because it broke around where the screw connects to the motor. Also sometimes when I rev the motor up it stops and it makes a sort of sound like someone is scratching their nails on a chalk board. So I would like to know what I have to do with the plane and why the motor makes that sound.

Sorry if this was a bit confusing.


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I’ve replaced the prop shaft on a Champ S+. They are moderately tricky. It’s a ~$4 plastic shaft. I ended up cutting the tape that holds the body together and carefully separating the two halves.

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