RC darts


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Pretty simple really. Fly scratch built planes with spikes at an oversize dart board. You could fpv it but I don't think it is necessary.
Just an idea for fun.


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Ya that could work but then it would be better with very small planes.

Or a big plane with a really overzised board ;-)


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I already do this with normal sized planes. I play lawn darts with them but usually I have no control what so ever as to where they are going!:D


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This RC darts idea sounds like a thrilling blend of aerial acrobatics and precision targeting! Scratch-built planes buzzing around an oversized dartboard, armed with playful spikes instead of bombs, is just the right amount of wacky and competitive. While the FPV option adds another layer of immersion, the raw thrill of watching these custom planes dance around and aim for the bullseye seems perfectly satisfying on its own. I can already imagine the cheers erupting every time a spike finds its mark! Definitely a backyard activity with serious entertainment potential. Do you have any specific designs in mind for the planes or the dartboard? I'd love to hear more about this creative take on a classic game!
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