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rc heli and car

Cool idea, it's been done in real life--except with a plane, on a moving car. It would be kinda easy (the heli) if it was just sitting there, but hard but cool if it was going--even cooler with a plane!

Ak Flyer

Fly the wings off
I've seen live demos of taking a float plane off of a trailer going down the taxiway. It's pretty cool. Landing a plane in the back of a truck would be interesting, on a trailer would be a lot better, then you could be in the back of the pickup and see. Or from a chase car I suppose. It would be fairly dangerous so you'd have to do it in a closed area, especially if you were to broadcast it. I bet I could land my nitro heli on my trailer at a good 20-30 mph.


Senior Member
I too have sean a float plane take off of a trailer going down the taxiway, Its cool !
Do it all in RC !
Or Do what "rc me" said , "landing a rc heli on the roof of a rc car"