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RC Paramotor


This is Max. He traveled all the way from France to be in our episode today! How did Max get here?


He flew this super awesome RC Paramotor! We assume he ran out of battery somewhere over the English Channel and caught thermals the rest of the way. Not bad Max!


This is the Hybrid 1.8 Paramotor by Opale Paramodels. We have never flown anything like this before and we have to say it's awesome. If you love an out of the box experience we had this up and flying in less than a half hour. This simple fact this this kind of craft - with the complicated line rigging - can even BE an out of the box experience says a lot for the team over at Opale Paramodels. It flies a 350W brushless motor using a 3S 2600 mAh battery. That setup will get you roughly 15 - 20 min of flight time. Strap on a 3S 5000 mAh and your looking at 30 - 40 min. You saw us doing some very basic flying in the video but the pros at Opale have a YouTube Channel where you can really see these things in action.


Now the price point for these isn't cheap and it shouldn't be! $680 USD (619 €) for an RTF (Max not included)
This sounds like a lot. Trust us it is worth that much. Every little detail put into this thing is scale. The stitching, the winding on the lines, Max's weird little face - all of these little things were mindfully created and executed.



Thanks again to Opale for letting us try something new! We might not be experts on paramotors, but you don't have to be an expert to see this thing is a ton of fun.



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Very cool. I just looking at what it would cost to build an actual Paramotor. Turns out they're relatively cheap. $7,000 will get you one all ready to go, and you could build something yourself for significantly less.

Maybe an RC version would make a good trainer.


way too expensive.... so Build your own......

have a look on ebay...the power kite chute canopies are quite cheap.... it wouldn't take a lot to convert one to RC..


they look to have all the needed lines in place, and should only need you to find attachment points and to adjust line lengths so as to give a suitable COG and suitable canopy angle of attack, one that results in a power off glide...
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Really nice test with this paramotor! I like Max new eyes ! :)

Davereap, yes they are expensive, but it worth every cent you put it in, believe me that you will not obtain the same results with the powered kite chutes canopies you purchase on e-bay than with the wings from Opale Paramodels. The tissue of those powered kite chutes is full of folds which is not good for paramotor, it should be perfectly tensed for optmized performance. The tissue used is Skytex, a better way is to purchase some Skytex and sew the wing on its own but it requires some skills.

By the way, nice review from you guys !


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I would absolutely love an ulra-micro paramotor that I could fly around in my backyard!


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I would absolutely love an ulra-micro paramotor that I could fly around in my backyard!

This was just posted a day or so ago so you could easily get your wish Taz. I believe he sells kits to make your own airfoils and will be doing a video on the cart shortly.