Ready To Fly quads Vs/ Built


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All right, this might end up getting lenthy...
I was wondering what the opinions on RTF FPV quads like the Runner 250 GPS or Eachine Racer 250 are, since they offer a much greater bang for the buck than HobbyKing scratch building, whitch apparently isnt that good
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I am new to 250 class, having only flown 2 Hubsan X4s before (Guess what happened there), and am on a budget (parental money obliges), so... Id love to hear all your opinions
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Welcome to the forums!

I decided to build a quadcopter just because I wanted to learn how to do it. Just from looking at the Eachine and Runner quads, it seems to me like there are too many extra plastic parts and lights to ruin. If you want to get into building quadcopters, I would suggest starting with something like a Versacopter or ZMR250, because if you don't like FPV, then you can use it for other things like AP. I haven't heard much about the Runner 250 but would like to hear from other community members about these quads.
Good luck in your research!


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Thanks for answering so quickly!
The thing is that I live in Hong Kong, and tha shipping, added to different sites to arder from, since my dad hates ordering online, makes it a bit discouraging, but I am thinling about it :)
Any HobbyKing frames/ setups that seem good to you? I'm not affraid to tinker :)


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RTF quads can be great if they're well made. there's no real difference from self built and RTF despite what many will claim. sure you may be slightly better equipped to repair a self built, but it's all pretty straight forward.

in the case of the Runner 250, in some ways it's even easier to repair as all parts come with the right length of cables and there's no solering as everythign s plug and play with quick plugs.

However, there is one drawback to the runner 250. it's prop full of good ideas and good technical solutions, but terribly executed. it couldhave been great, but the body is made of super thin carbon that won't survive your first very weak crash, never mind a hard crash. that means you will regulardly have to replace the most expensive and hardest to replace parts of the quad as the body parts keep snapping in two. (a common problem with it). Alternatively, you'll need to replace the crap standard body with a quality aftermarket thicker body plates(except for the PDB one). Once you do that though, it becomes a pretty decent quad. as for light and such that can break. Eh. at least for a beginner lights are important for orientation, and even in a race, good rear lights make you visible to other racers on the otherwise low res FPV view that won't show a dark quad easily. So they'll be there anyway. Personally I prefer the HK Alloy LED bars though.


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As for self built frames, hobby king have some decent ones lately, but they're based on other frames like the e-max/nighthawk, only without the all carbon option, so there I would go with those.

But because I also like some styles to my quad, I would actually suggest the Robo Cat frame. the one I saw online painted to look like a rusted old drone would fit right in with DR1.


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Uniqueness. Is that a word? Anyway, i like being unique. I don't want the same thing everyone else has. And from my experience building your own is a great way to come up with something unique.

Performance. Now i know that is a word. Anywho, anything oem i buy i just want more performance and end up modifying it anyway. Just to get alittle more performance.

Quality control. That's two words:D. The majority of the time i open up a product I've purchased i find something sub par that can lead to premature failure. Most companies are in business to make money and quality is often sacrificed to make more money. Sad but true. Sidenote, thats one of the reasons i love Flite Test and the Versacopter so much. Money is not their main motivating force. Their products and support are of the highest quality IMO. They are for the hobby, of the hobby, and by the hobby. God bless Flite Test and the hobby :cool:

A fun learning experience with some really cool technology. I learn so much from DIY. Makes me feel manly, gives me a sense of accomplishment, and is just plain cool.

Build your own is the way to go IMO for soooooo many reasons. Granted some don't have the time or can't even figure out how to use a phillips head screw driver, like my brother in buying a built one is nice sometimes. But with the internet and awesome forums like this one, help is just a log in away if you get stuck.


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All right, thanks!
Last time I spent half my sunday researching all my parts if i bought the versacopter with FPV and the luminier setup, I came up with about 780 usd(rough conversion)
I defenitely love building things(My parents gemerally dont like when I play on my computer, and with it's parts... :)
Does anyone have a parts list for a good beginner setup for FPV?
Additionally, I might want to get one without FPV, since i have the really bad habit of really wanting someting, researching for days and mostly nights, and a month later get into someting else...
Thanks... Now how do I sleep already? :)