beginner fpv

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    Help! Beginners FPV Kits for RC Planes!

    Hi! I've been looking for fpv kits for many days know, and can't seem to find any. Any links that I find to them are broken. Can anyone recommend me a fpv kit, or explain to be how to go about starting in fpv. What would I need? Thanks!
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    Help getting started with FPV

    Hello I was wondering of anyone knows whether or not I would need to buy an antenna for flite tests get started fpv package? It says built in dual receiver but their video shows two different antennas out the back. Just want to make one...
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    Ready To Fly quads Vs/ Built

    All right, this might end up getting lenthy... I was wondering what the opinions on RTF FPV quads like the Runner 250 GPS or Eachine Racer 250 are, since they offer a much greater bang for the buck than HobbyKing scratch building, whitch apparently isnt that good Eachine...
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    Tek Sumo or Mini Skywalker as a first FPV platform.

    Hi there. I am planning to get started in FPV with a 5.8ghz system, and am unsure what airframe to use. I have experience flying LOS with a Bixler (which is no more) and a Phoenix 2000, and I also have experience with Flight Simulators (FSX, FS2002). I have been considering using the Pheonix for...
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    Getting Started

    Hi guys, I have been watching a lot of fpv videos and would really like to get a system for my plane. I don't know much about this stuff but it seems really cool. What would be the best system? I already have a couple gopros laying around, can i use that as a camera? Any tips on what to buy...