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beginner fpv

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    Help! Beginners FPV Kits for RC Planes!

    Hi! I've been looking for fpv kits for many days know, and can't seem to find any. Any links that I find to them are broken. Can anyone recommend me a fpv kit, or explain to be how to go about starting in fpv. What would I need? Thanks!
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    Help getting started with FPV

    Hello I was wondering of anyone knows whether or not I would need to buy an antenna for flite tests get started fpv package? https://store.flitetest.com/get-started-fpv-package/ It says built in dual receiver but their video shows two different antennas out the back. Just want to make one...
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    Ready To Fly quads Vs/ Built

    All right, this might end up getting lenthy... I was wondering what the opinions on RTF FPV quads like the Runner 250 GPS or Eachine Racer 250 are, since they offer a much greater bang for the buck than HobbyKing scratch building, whitch apparently isnt that good Eachine...
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    Tek Sumo or Mini Skywalker as a first FPV platform.

    Hi there. I am planning to get started in FPV with a 5.8ghz system, and am unsure what airframe to use. I have experience flying LOS with a Bixler (which is no more) and a Phoenix 2000, and I also have experience with Flight Simulators (FSX, FS2002). I have been considering using the Pheonix for...
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    Getting Started

    Hi guys, I have been watching a lot of fpv videos and would really like to get a system for my plane. I don't know much about this stuff but it seems really cool. What would be the best system? I already have a couple gopros laying around, can i use that as a camera? Any tips on what to buy...