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Hey all, building a power glider and am using a pixhawk 2.4.8 for the fc. I am using a taranis x9d se with the R9m and a r9 mm reciever. I know of the inverted s-port issue but the r9 mm has a tap for a non inverted s-port. What would be the best way to wire this so I can get telemetry back through the r9mm? I'm wanting to play around with solar charging as I'm flying and be able to have a few built in safeties with GPS for tracking distance and time. if someone could maybe let me know what I need to do to get telemetry and the r9 mm to talk to the pixhawk that would be amazing.


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Also I am not sure how much energy you will get back from solar. The weight of the kit for that might be put to better use with a bigger flight battery.
I watched a couple of videos on YouTube from a guy who's made a glider that's powered on solar, it's definitely worth checking his stuff out if you haven't already. He got to the point of the solar cells were putting back more energy than the plane needed but there's certain solar cells he used I think.
Yes, I saw a video of his and am very impressed. I like the way he setup his wing and plan on doing something very similar. I do plan on modifying my wings to be a little wider to provide more surface area. really my biggest issue is wiring on the reciever. My last radio was a spectrum so moving/upgrading to the x9d+ I'm having to learn about the s-port. not sure how I hook it up to the fc that I have. it's one that I already have and am repurposing from a s550 hex that I built.


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I don't know if this is a good thing to do … There are many youtube videos that are junk !!! you will kill youre battery in the first flight or second one. If you have no experience with solar panels and the way they work just … let it go. you need a special regulator for the solar cells to deliver the right current and voltage to your cell, you will need a system de switch power from a battery to other battery as you can not charge and use that battery same time and … many many other things . All up weight 5Kg … wingspan ??? PS I know youre youtube video was telling you that he's charging the battery in flight . Sorry that is not possible not even for google glider :)
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