Help! Recognize my problem with drone/calibration


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Hi everybody. I am not able to manage with my drone and I need your help.
What I have:
- tarot 450
- 4 motors A2212 1000KV
- 4 esc SimonK 30A
- turnigy 9x (tx rx)
- naze32

Every time when I try to lift off I encounter more problems. So I tested all extra motors and ESC. I have 6 ESC (exactly same model) but two of them are from other source and probably older than the rest BUT they work correctly AND my final issue (I hope?) is problem with calibration because: two “older” esc work (in cleanflight) in full of range of throttle .The rest of my ESC (4pcs) stop spinning with 1756 (they start spinning from 1136 stop spinning on 1756).

I tried to calibrate every esc straight from receiver (one by one) and then they work in full of range (from throttle bottom position to full position on transmitter).

When I tried to calibrate them via cleanflight and I take full of range (2000) no reaction/no beeping – reaction only when 1756 or less.

Summing up …
I have two esc from other source and two from other source. I think the problem is with ESC because two of them (front motors) stop spinning when throttle is 1756 or more. Probably that`s why my drone flips out when I try to lift off.
I do not believe they are damaged. Do you have any idea what I can do/how to fix it? I wanna finally have fun of flight!