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Recycled Cardboard Spear

Hi All,
Only recently got into the hobby. Was impressed by the Pizza Box Challenge. Decided to do my own version. I had a load of cardboard boxes laying around after moving house so I decided to make an FT Spear. I made it 75% scale to get it to fit on the boxes I had. I have maidened it and was super pleased with how it flew. It took a few attempts to get it going but fly's well now. :)

The last part of the Maiden Flight is here:

It was great fun to make and super cheap. I would strongly recommend to anybody.


Looks great! What motor are you using?

Tempting to head down to the recycling room to get some cardboard immediately :)

I wonder if it would be possible to create a chuck glider? The flying wings seems easier to get structurally sound but are harder to throw :)
I am using a QAV 2206 2200kv motor on 3s battery. Works well! Can put it vertical and climb straight up 😊

Yeah, you could definitely make a chuck glider using corrugated cardboard. You just need to be careful about how you bend it. Bending across the 'grain' gives you max stregth. I found scoring the top level of the cardboard and pressing the edge of wooden plank into the score gives a really good bend.

My wing is a little heavy so I want to make another that is lighter. I think I used too much hot glue.