Red and Black paint scheme design for the Simple Cub


My next door neighbor likes the way I been making the FliteTest RC Aircraft's so he asked me if I can build one for him to fly himself, so I made the FT Simple Cub to start him off with.

Some weeks ago i got myself an airbrush starter kit to paint unique designs on the model. and have come up with this Red and Black design.

Here are Images of the build.

Plans attached to foam board.

Foam board cut out for assembly.

Build of the Simple Cub with electronics
FT-Cub-Skin-Red-and-Black-Build-1.png FT-Cub-Skin-Red-and-Black-Build-2.png

Colour scheme design.




I have used a 3D printer to make the wheels, note the wire is not used in photo so I used the skewers only for the photo's.