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  1. Belial2801

    Help! Recommendations for the first flight

    Hi sorry if my english is bad. Yesterday I flew my plane for the first time (ft simple cub) and I had some problems, the first is that when taking off from the ground you can see that it is going directly to the left (I took off from further back but I lost that recording), in the following...
  2. Belial2801

    FT simple cub weight

    Hello, can someone who has built the ft simple cub tell me if the weight I have is correct? the plane weighs about 14oz without electronics, but adding all the electronics gives me a weight of about 24oz, is that weight correct? thank you
  3. agupt108

    Solved Motor for Simple Cub

    I currently have a 1806 2300 kv motor ( On the Simple Cub it says I need a 2212 1050 kv motor. Is there a way I can use my original motor for the cub?
  4. flyinsparky

    Oh Man, the Ups and Downs of Flying! Yesterday... TOUGH. Today... What a Great Feeling!!!!

    Today I left the field with just as many intact planes and even propellers as I came with! Depleted all six batteries I brought. It felt so good to have the planes do what I wanted them to do. Yesterday was such a different story. I maidened my Tiny Trainer, (which was amazing) and then I...
  5. T

    new guy. my name is Dan

    almost 60 years old. ordered a FrSky transmitter (arrives tomorrow), and a flite test cub kit with power pack B, 2 3-cell batteries and a charger. now i have to figure out how to make my new transmitter work with my new power pack. i've visited my local club field a couple times, and want to...
  6. Maxx

    FT Simple Cub 60%

    Allo everyone ! I just started to build a mini Simple Cub with the electronics of UMX Radian . I use yellow Adams ready board ( not the water proof ) and since it's yellow on one side only , I glue the yellow paper on the white side . When it's done drying under weight so it doesn't warp , I...
  7. JeromeAu

    Red and Black paint scheme design for the Simple Cub

    My next door neighbor likes the way I been making the FliteTest RC Aircraft's so he asked me if I can build one for him to fly himself, so I made the FT Simple Cub to start him off with. Some weeks ago i got myself an airbrush starter kit to paint unique designs on the model. and have come up...
  8. Wrench Monkey

    FT Cub V2 tweaks and mods!

    I recently found myself with some spare time due to the COVID-19 situation, and figured I'd make the best of my extra day off. This is my second cub build and although my first cub was a good transition from 3ch to 4ch, I found it lacking in some respects (stability, didn't handle wind well...
  9. nacho.chile

    my first plane

    I had in mind, a simple puppy or a storch. I have read that the storm is better and more stable, but I feel that it is very big. If I print it, will the 88% scale of the actual plane fly well (1280mm)? I have a 2212 1000kw motor, I add diebro and flaps. Another option is the simple size cube...
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  12. S

    Repair Simple Cub

    Hello Friends, I bought a simple cub speed build kit while visiting flite fest. When I had to go home I had to disassemble the simple Cub in order to bring on the flight home. Its been in storage for a year now and now that I am stuck at home I would like to put it back together. The Simple...
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  14. S

    Solved Newbie here and need some help with elevator

    Hello I'm new here and new in RC planes. I build Simple Cub from scratch and run into problem with elevator. My elevator does not move like it should, I talking about rates. Even I set high rate on my transmitter my elevator barely reach low rate in both directions (rudder works fine). Please...
  15. N

    Simple Cub seems under-powered

    Hello everyone! This is my first post on any forum let alone the FliteTest one so that just shows how desperate I am :p I scratch built an FT Simple Cub (my first build) using a cheap A2212-6 22000kV motor, ESC and prop bundle from Amazon. I also preemptively bought a 3s 3000mah battery...
  16. davidkdk

    Simple Cub Power Pod setup

    Hey Folks, I've almost finished building my first FliteTest plane, the Simple Cub. It's my first build of anything in about 40 years... and it's been excellent... and fun. I'm using Power Pack B with a 3S 1300mAh battery. The build video shows the ESC on the bottom of the power pod but then...
  17. Crumpled Cub gear

    Crumpled Cub gear

    This was actually a good landing, but there's only so much that foam gear can take. I 3d printed a replacement from the FT Thingiverse page which is much more solid.
  18. Simple Cub with Simple Soarer wing

    Simple Cub with Simple Soarer wing

    It was a bit ungainly but it flew!
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    Maiden Flight.
  20. Simple cub

    Simple cub

    Simple cub, scratch build