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simple cub

  1. D

    Simple Cub Power Pod setup

    Hey Folks, I've almost finished building my first FliteTest plane, the Simple Cub. It's my first build of anything in about 40 years... and it's been excellent... and fun. I'm using Power Pack B with a 3S 1300mAh battery. The build video shows the ESC on the bottom of the power pod but then...
  2. Crumpled Cub gear

    Crumpled Cub gear

    This was actually a good landing, but there's only so much that foam gear can take. I 3d printed a replacement from the FT Thingiverse page which is much more solid.
  3. Simple Cub with Simple Soarer wing

    Simple Cub with Simple Soarer wing

    It was a bit ungainly but it flew!
  4. 7926C735-29A3-4394-B0DE-7AD6ECC3802D.MOV


    Maiden Flight.
  5. Simple cub

    Simple cub

    Simple cub, scratch build
  6. Simple cub

    Simple cub

    Simple cub
  7. Simple Cub with a GoPro

    Simple Cub with a GoPro

  8. Simple Cub with a GoPro

    Simple Cub with a GoPro

  9. Simple Cub

    Simple Cub

    My very first FT build
  10. 04-01-2019 Simple Cub from GoPro

    04-01-2019 Simple Cub from GoPro

    Simple Cub with GoPro from GoPro
  11. 04-01-2019 Simple Cub 2nd maiden with GoPro

    04-01-2019 Simple Cub 2nd maiden with GoPro

    Simple Cub with the GoPro on it second try.
  12. 24-12-2018 Simple Cub flying a GoPro

    24-12-2018 Simple Cub flying a GoPro

    Flying the Simple Cub with a GoPro camera attached to it for the first time.
  13. FoamyDM

    Simple Cub - Piper cub - rasterized yellow burst style.

    Hi there, My local Club is having a Cub only Fun Fly next. Fortune would have it, I had the plans (for B and A sized) and components to go into both. I will say I am not doing much different than Josh did. So I won't bore you. but based on the way the simple Scout (C sized) handled landings at...
  14. D

    Simple cub

    Could you add a tail wheel to the simple cub, any links to a tail wheel I could buy and glue/tape onto the rudder like the Hobbyzone Champ. The rudder on my simple cub has a buldge on the backside of the hindge will that affect the flight characteristics of it will post a picture later.
  15. N

    Inherited a Telemaster 40

    Hey everybody! This is my first post here. I inherited a Telemaster 40 in excellent condition (except for some minor issues) from my late step-father and it looks to be about 30 years old. I have a few questions for this group and I'm seeking some advice. First, we (my seventeen year old son...
  16. SmokeshowFPV

    Mighty Mini Simple Cub (2/3 scale)

    Hello all! I have been working on making a Mighty Mini version of Josh's amazing Simple Cub. I have revised the plans using Inkscape and scaled the plans down to 66%, which should make the fuselage able to accept a mini power pod. I so far have only built the wing and a power pod with thrust...
  17. jk6stringer

    Looking at STOL options

    Hi Friends, Ive thinking about getting a STOL type aircraft to counteract that fact that I cant easily access the larger flying spaces these days. Something like the Tundra is a nice choice, but going with the FT style I was thinking about going with the Bushwhacker... But the new FT Simple...
  18. Aretaic

    Automotive Paint (!/?)

    Just scratch built my second 4ch FT Simple Cub with pontoons, and I'm liking the finished product more than my first attempt - enough to want to paint it! So I'm not a veteran of the Flite Test community or anything (having only built two planes), but I do work as an automotive painter at a...
  19. Aretaic

    Hello Hello!

    Howdy - Just put together a 4ch FT Simple Cub and spent a rainy evening adjusting gimbals and programming my new QX7 tx. I've watched all the FT videos I can find, so here I am on the forums! I've always wanted to get into RC flight since I was a kid, but was only ever able to peruse the...
  20. SP0NZ

    *Unofficial* FT Simple Cub

    FT Simple Cub Description: Thank you for choosing the FT Simple Cub as your next FT project. Our passion at FliteTest is to introduce this great hobby to as many people as possible. It is also to make that journey as fun as possible. This design focuses on both of these goals more than...