Reinforce hinges question


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I'm at work so I can't really test this right now...

But lets say a plane is mostly built. Can one still reinforce the hinges with hot glue even if they are unable to complete fold the control surface over to do it? If not, are there other options for reinforcement when the plane is assembled? I know tape is an option.


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You could use another beveled piece to get it flush with the other pieces, but I don't really think it's needed. I peel off the paper slightly on each side and put some CA under it and glue it back down and in the process I just scrape off the excess in the middle and spray it. It goes solid pretty quick and there's no stringing. Quick tip with that method though: The glue should only be wetting the paper, not in a pool because it will lock up the surface.


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I have used the procedure @Spacefarer described to repair a failed hinge. Except I used hot glue instead of CA. I don't think it makes a lot of difference what kind of glue you use. Any glue that will not eat the foam will work. You could fix it now or wait to see if the paper comes off (the hinge fails) and fix it then.
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I have switched to Fix N Flex made by Deluxe. Horizon Hobby has it. My problem was that the hot glue made my hinging stiff, leading to servos gear striping. I also use tape to provide additional security to prevent control surfaces failures.


Can also use a covering iron. It will seal the paper to the foam edge.
I also use hinge tape on all my control surface hinges.


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I say use a q-tip with some CA and run it down the hinge. I have never done it before but that is what I would do.


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All my EPP foamy hinges I use braided fishing line, I will cut a slit across the hinge line about half inch on each side, if the bevel is on the bottom of the wing go from the top not very deep . Cut a piece of line a little longer use my Exacto or razor blade and work the line into the slit once in there wick in some super glue. On a 32 inch wing I will put 3 of these on each side same for rudders and elevators..