Renewable, Solar Glider


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Has any had any advances on someone creating a Solar Powered glider?
Would it be possible?
Has it been done?
With how inexpensive and light solar panels are, i'm sure making a 3m sail plane and running a small lipo or other and having it charged buy the solar panels....
Seems like a cool idea but is it realistic, what do you guys think?


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Balsa to Foam,

That's exactly what I was thinking about thanks for that. Looks like something that can be foamified i think.
Thanks stay-fun as well will have a look now


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I believe there is already an article on FliteTest that has done this, Its called Solar Dreamship surprise or something! They could get flights of three hours on a good day!


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On a "good day", most any well built glider can stay up indefinitely . . . and is "solar powered", it's just the "solar panels" are on the ground ;)

Which does make me wonder . . . for these solar powered power gliders, how much time did the panels actually add to the flight?


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Well seems easy enough to figure if we knew the efficiency of the panels used and the surface area. Unlike a solar car this is likely possible given the large surface area of a glider type airframe and the low power required.