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Repair Simple Cub

Hello Friends,

I bought a simple cub speed build kit while visiting flite fest. When I had to go home I had to disassemble the simple Cub in order to bring on the flight home.
Its been in storage for a year now and now that I am stuck at home I would like to put it back together.

The Simple Cub is in rough shape. Parts are bent and some paper is torn on it. I would like to fix it without needing to buy foam board. I know foamboard is cheap,.. lol
I am curious if this can be done.

My goal is to paint the Simple Cub and put it back together. I would like the airplane to last a little longer and look a little better if it can be done and to fly normally.

How to fix wrinkle paper?

Should I remove the paper that is loose or somehow glue it back down?

To paint the parts what to do about the parts that the paper is torn?

How to fix a bent part?

I know I can work through these issues in my own way but I would like to get advice from someone that has already done this and it came out good for them.

Thanks, Guys



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Well, I don’t think you can fix wrinkled paper. If the paper is peeling a little, you can just glue it back down. You can paint the plane with paper missing, but the paint will highlight all of the wrinkles and it will look odd where there is no paper. Lastly, what part is bent?


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You can use those parts as a pattern to make new ones, just use Dollar Tree board as it’s the same weight. It might be white but when you paint it it will all match.


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@SidneyKi You can simply glue the paper back into position or even iron the paper back into position. If you iron the foam underneath can be damaged but it also can become a little more rigid.

As for folded FB You can strengthen the FB by burying, (and gluing), a toothpick or two across the fold either through the paper or even lift the paper first and then glue the paper back over the repair.

A few creases will not adversely effect the planes ability to fly unless the creases cause the overall geometry of the plane to be altered. With really bad creasing the paper can be peeled back and the crease can be cut out and the damaged foam replaced with a glued in patch of foam and then the paper reattached over the repair.

Finally when the plane is as good as you can get it easily you can cover the entire plane in coloured packing tape. If done properly the creases will be effectively hidden and the plane will be stronger and less likely to have the paper peel off in the future.

Just my thoughts and what works for me!

Have fun!


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Just looking at the pictures, you might be better off making a new elevator & rudder that trying to revive the current ones.