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Replacing a broken aileron servo in the FT Mustang


Junior Member
Dear FT members,

I thought I would share how easy it is to replace a broken servo in an FT Mustang.

I recently flew my FT Mustang in some strong wind and crashed into the wind sock pole of my club. Surprisingly, very little damage was done due to the strong construction of the dollar tree foam board which I used. The wing had a dent which was easily repaired with paper, PVA wood glue and some spray paint. However, I noticed that one of the aileron servos was jammed due to a broken nylon gear.

I thought this would be difficult to repair but it wasn’t. Firstly, use a sharp art knife and cut away the foam where the servo is attached. To remove the extension wire, cut through the back of the wing and unfold the foam exposing the wires. The servo can then be replaced and the servo wire attached to the servo extension. The wing can be glued back with some hot glue. To strengthen the damaged area, I used more paper and PVA glue. I hope this was helpful if you ever need to replace a servo in your FT kits.

Happy flying,




Build another!
Oh yeah. The first time I had to take a razor to a otherwise perfectly good airplane I was amazed at how little difference there is between a piece of DTFB and a little hot glue in a sliced open and patched bit.

Don't worry about a bad servo. Just get the knife and get to it. ;)