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review on different flight controllers for multicopters


Junior Member
With as popular as multicopters are becoming I would like to see a show or a series of shows on the different flight controllers that are available. currently I have a tri using the HK 2.1 board but I really dont like that board much. I would like to see some reviews on the quadrino/multiwii and the ardumega2 and others.

I have several MultiWIii boards and Ardumega as well.

MultiWii is much better than KK in my opinion. I will use the Ardumega on a plane

About frames - I will most likely do a review of some of them soon with new motors and ESC's.

There are several available and the question is how much money you are willing to spend.
My best MultiWii Quad is a toy compared to my friends Octocopter from MikroCopter (comparing both in size and money)