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[Review] Phoenix R/C Simulator v5.0


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Yes now with the k release the physics is now closer to the world we live in! Some aspects are even better - try stalling during a vertical and see it wobble nicely backwards (depending on model)...
I do not see the Delta Ray in my model list... Did you experience this issue? Perhaps I am missing something.


I just updated to 'n' and now I see it..... Not sure what was wrong, but I am good now.

BTW.... Excellent review!
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Got it at SEFF this past week and can't wait to get my hands on it. Right now it's in my father's possession as he's been into rc planes for 30 years and has yet to attempt flight. He's got 30 or more planes and had only ever taxied untill SEFF when he spent a solid 45 minutes on the simulator there. Hoping this gets him in the air soon. In the meantime, off to check on pricing for a second license of the software for myself.

Any pointers for the digitally challenged such as myself as far as setup and such? First such purchase.

Phoenix is great! But Do you guys find that the planes are a bit "floaty" in Phoenix? Landings take forever and rolling resistance is too low. Fortunately those parameters can be customized. I've mostly flown Parkzone planes (real life and sim) and I find the behaviour of the planes in the sim is a bit on the easy side. So it´s a good way to improve skills and try new moves, but it´s no substitute for real life flying.

And Krar is right: I'd like to see the carbon cubs: the umx, the new park-sized and the biggie on 6s! And all three with floats also!

We need a flite test lobby and FT planes in P5!