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Review request: Multistar and SimonK ESC's compare review


Junior Member
I've been hearing for a long time that SimonK ESC's are better than the Turnigy Mutistar, however I've never seen an actual compare review, people are still asking about the difference between them.

What's more important is that I see Multistar's are used in de tri-quad-hex-copters in Flite test, and they seem doing pretty great.

I'm very curious about the difference. If possible please do a review, I think it will be a relief for many guys if Flite test can proof something between these two different types of ESC. It will help people a lot when choosing an ESC.



Senior Member
I'll second that! (I have the multistars 15A, those do not have the 'normal' solder patches to flash them, the 45A do have them).
So I'm also curious, also the break / battery settings and such.


Senior Member
It appears the multistars cannot be throttle calibrated (or don't need it).
A bit confusing, I thought I was calibrating (beep beep), appears it had gone into programming mode and I had just changed the brake setting, glad I found out in time
I think an entire episode on ESCs would be great. Especially in regards to multirotors. Do they need to be flashed? What is the importance of flashing and calibrating. Also a comparison of different ESCs would be great.