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Revised plan of the FB Flitestick

What size do you have to print out the plans to get the dimensions of the plane correct? I'm new to this so if I missed something in the plans I apologize. I'm really excited about building one of these stick planes from scratch! Thanks!
Hi HillBilly30,

if you go to the copyshop, the size should be A0 orientation is landscape.

My way is to use the posterprint feature of Adobe Reader (scale 100%, 10 mm or 1/2 Inch overlap, cutting mark on and description on). Then cut away the left and upper boarder and glue it together beginning with the left upper piece working down the first column. Then adding the sheets from the second column and so on.

If you are familiar with the method, it's ony 10 minutes per plansheet or 30 minutes for the whole plan.

My tip is not to print the 3rd plansheet, because you can use the drawings from sheet 2 from the backside.

Have fun