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RF 9

anyone got realflight 9 and is interested in flying. I need some experience flying with other people in the air.
Nick aka Ranger_107

The Hangar

Fly harder!
I'm hoping to get RF9 sometime soon and join you guys. $100 is more than I can afford at the moment with all my other projects wanting money too... :rolleyes:
You might be able to find a deal on RF8 now that it's not the latest version,and from what I understand, RF9 isn't leaps & bounds better (I can't personally say, as I don't have both versions). Then later you can "upgrade" to RF9 - I believe they offer a discount price for the newest version if you already own the previous one. Bear in mind, all of this is from memory - and so could be wrong. I'm wrong ALL the tine, just ask my exes! ;)