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Rightwing inspired foam board wing

Here is a 40in span DTFB Rightwing inspired wing. It hasn't flown yet but its looking pretty good. CG should be about 7.25 inches from the nose. I am planing on an hd cam and 2 2200mah 3s batteries. If your batteries are smaller or your not using a HD cam I would build it with the motor cut out larger to get the motor further forward.
The construction is the same as my foamboard spec wings. rib placement is at 1/4 of the way down the wing and at 3/4 of the way down the wing.





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Nice looking wing, I've been interested in symmetric foamboard airfoils for awhile. I like your shaped elevons, they have a realistic look and look like they would have really low drag.
I haven't flown it yet.
Allmost all my wings have had symmetrical airfoils. They seem to have less of a tendency to bounce around if its windy or you change attitude.
Most of my wings have had pretty thick airfoils. I have one I call the fatty wing its 26% thick. It flies really well and its surprisingly fast.
This wing is 12% I expect it to be pretty fast.
Mocking up the layout to determine where to put stuff to hit cg. The heavy hd cam is balancing out the big motor.