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Robotic Dragonfly

I am curios, has anyone seen the efforts put forward by these guys from Giorgia Tech and TechJect?

These guys are developing a really cool FPV, arial HD video/photo, surveillance, you imagine it, it can do it, aerial drone that sometime in the very near future, will be produced and sold to the public.


I have watched their indiegogo campaign go from about $400K in contributions to over $700K today. And I have made a contribution, so I will be getting one of these dragonflies in the next year, but you should check it out!
I believe the link is somehow linked to me (AKA a referrer link) which I don't think I get any sort of reward (at least none I am aware of) so if you don't want to follow the link provided search for robot dragonfly on indiegogo's website.



Amateur Extra Class K5TWM
I almost bit some time back till I saw it would be a year. These things have a way of not meeting delivery goals. I know as I am waiting on a kickstarter project delivery that is months overdue. It is a cool concept though.

Well like any investment, there is always risk. I have contributed to a few projects and one didn't make it's funding goal, so the money was returned. The other 2 I have a lot of confidence in because they are extremely active on updates, progress reports and so on. These guys seem to have a lot of drive and passion for their project and from what I have seen in their updates so far, they are ahead of schedule but that can change. all-in-all, I think there is a great deal of potential success with this one and I am excited to see the results. :)