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    Dragonfly MKII next to the in progress Sea Dragon
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    Sea Dragon mkl
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    Sea Dragon mkl
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    Yuneec Gimbal on DIY Multirotor

    Hi Everyone, Even with years going by, Josh Bixler's Dragonfly has always caught my eye. Something that has always bothered me is how he got that Yuneec gimbal working. Are gimbals and cameras so interchangeable that you can just pick one and fit it to any flight controller? Does anyone...
  6. J

    DragonFly Build Video with a DJI Naza w/GPS

    Hey Team Flite Test! First off huge fan. Im new to the multirotor side of the hobby and am really wanting to build Josh's Dragon Fly multirotor for doing some AP work. I would think the community would really benefit from one of your detailed build videos. Also would love to see the set up...
  7. L

    FT Dragonfly - Powerpack questions.

    Hello FT. I purchased the Dragonfly kit with the Pentacopter power pack, and I just received it. (Thanks a lot Danish customs). My question is: From the description on the power pack it should include 2 Emax motors with CW threaded shaft and 3 with CCW threaded shafts. The picture in the...
  8. J

    New Naze 32 rev 6 setup. Newb

    I am just going to start by this is my first post on flitetest and I love it so much and thank you ahead of time. This is my first ever multi rotor build, first time ever soldiering and first ever computer controlled radio. I picked up the dragonfly kit and matched motor and esc is a naze32...
  9. M

    Dragonfly Motor Rotation Direction

    What direction do you recommend setting your motors on the Dragonfly? Front two turning toward each other? what about the two next to them pointing down? and the rear? Thanks!
  10. J

    Multirotor electronics

    Hello. I'm new to DIY multirotor. I want to is there any electronics besides the receiver that I need to know about? I currently have a Spektrum dx6. Is there any receivers you recommend? Any help is appreciated. Thank you
  11. T

    DragonFly tail servo tilts all the way to right when armed

    FIXED: firmware re-flash. DragonFly tail servo tilts all the way to right when armed Hello all, I just finished my DragonFly build and I have a odd behavior. At least to me I am running CleanFlight 1.9 with a Naze32 and all stock components from the FT kit, with electronics from FT. When...
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    Dragonfly Motors Right threaded (CCW) and Left threaded (CW) position

    I purchased the powerpack kit with the dragonfly. It came with 3 Red cap (CCW/Right threaded) motors and 2 Black cap (CW/Left threaded) motors. I have found conflicting information on the position of these motors. The included diagram was posted on another thread. It shows 3 props going CW...
  13. J

    Dragonfly electro hub build/help/i think im going crazy

    Im new to building and i like a bit of a challenge so i figure i would go with the dragonfly. I thought this was going to be easy but its not im way over my head. Im going to buy the dragonfly electro hub kit and the power pack D aslo the Naze (acro) 32 FC and servo need for the tuff tilt. Seems...
  14. E

    Why is my Dragonfly spinning?

    I am having problems with my first tricopter build. I purchased the Dragonfly and I have it put together. Unfortunately every time I give it throttle, the whole copter spins. The tough-tilt keeps pitching to the right. Does anyone know what I can do to fix this?
  15. F

    Dragonfly Multi-rotor issues

    I have built a dragonfly multi rotor from the electrohub kit. Im using the emax motors from the powerpack in the store, 30A fire red series Simon K ESC from readytoflyquads.com, emax 3154 servo, and for my FC a flip 32+. I am currently using 10x4.5 props. I have calibrated the ESC's together...
  16. A

    Dragonfly frame weight / other questions?

    Hello FT crew! Does anyone know the weight of the dragonfly frame? Also what is the spacing of the motor mount holes (standard disk, not tilt mount)? One more question, what is the suggested landing gear setup. (I don't think the supplied gear will work with 2 motors pointing down :) Thanks...
  17. B

    Dragonfly Landing Gear

    The store shows the Dragonfly kit with the same detachable landing gear as the tri or quad copter, my question is, would that provide enough ground clearance. I dont see anything thing that saying how long they are but it looks to be about 3" and I can't help but think the 2 downward facing...
  18. S

    Robotic Dragonfly

    I am curios, has anyone seen the efforts put forward by these guys from Giorgia Tech and TechJect? These guys are developing a really cool FPV, arial HD video/photo, surveillance, you imagine it, it can do it, aerial drone that sometime in the very near future, will be produced and sold to the...