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Rotor bones review from a first timer


I'm a care bear...Really?
First I want to say I am having so much fun with flying a multi rotor. Now for the review and things I've learned building and flying it. First make sure you holes for the booms are perfect! The ones that mount to the frame are the most important. A couple of mine were off and it made a couple booms mount off kilter. And before people say how come I didn't use the template..... I did. It's the drilling part is what got goofy. The holes got a little off center and just a tad off vertical. So use a press like Chad did. Also make sure your booms are not warped. I had two that were just off a little and they ended up on the front. They both lean to the right, is that the cause of my rotation problem..... I don't know.
So now to the flying part. Once I got things adjusted it stared to fly. At first with both screws in each booms the copter would not rotate left. With pulling the back screws in each boom and allowing them to be adjustable helped some. It's still fully trimmed to the left and I have to hold a little left to keep the spin to the right under control. Now with the booms being able to fold and be adjusted I have yet to break a boom, but what I have broken is the top plate for the body mount. The last big crash came from trying to control the quad in the wind and I ended up in a tree. It was about 70 or so feet up and it came crashing down through the branches. It landed upside down and cracked the top disk.
Now for some general review stuff. The ft motor mount and landing gear snap together kits...... Very cool!!!!!!!! Durable yes, until you start to land with a sideways force. They pop apart or the little tabs snap and won't stay together anymore. I've broken off two so now it balances in the grass before it takes off. Motors...... My 1300 kv do a fine job. Now I'm running a set of 8x4.5 quad props. Is it super fast in the vertical, no. Will it fly around with some speed, yes and I only found out trying to keep the quad out of a bad situation. I honestly think it would do better with a 9" prop. I'm using some 12 amp ESCs right now. They do ok for learning how to fly but they do get a little more if I am really screwing up.
So all in all its a decent kit. I would like to see some spacer pieces for ares where your booms don't go. I think it would have helped save my top plate from flexing and cracking/breaking. I'll keep updating this while my skills improve.