Offer Rotor Riot CL1 & QAV-ULX

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The Rotor Riot CL1 is a very nice racing quad setup. It comes with a runcam split camera (the one that can record HD and do fpv at the same time). I'm blanking on the name of the flight controller but its a F4 (I think its a BetaFlight F4 but not sure tbh). The video tx is a blacksheep unify pro. It's small and runs up to 600mV. It comes with a triumph antenna too. The motors are skitzo lumineir ones the original space gray colored ones. The esc's are 20 amp opto little blheli pro escs. This is a 4S build. The rx is the one for the tranais x9D and has smartport telemetry so you can read your battery level, RSSI, and change PIDs and rates via your radio transmitter.

I just use it as a line of sight quad that I use to just bash around because of how durable and light it is. Its just fun to practice my LoS skills with it. It has no FPV but you can if you want. In terms of electronics, it has emax MT2204 2300KV with 18 amp escs. I put on these super high pitch props that are indesdructable. The flight controller is a Lux flight controller and its a 4S build. There are also LED lights on the arms so you can fly it at night which is fun.

The price for the CL1 is $300 and QAV-ULX is $60 but I am open to negotiation. I can ship both of these for free. Reach out if your interested!


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