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Hey guys i was just wandering what Everyone thought if RotorDR1 met the DJI Inspire 1
Comment and Post Below Thanks! :eek::eek: 496358562_640.jpg Rotor-DR-1.jpg
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What if when they find their fathers lab, DR1 sees another DR1, and they both think that they are looking into a mirror or the whole concept triggers a glitch and they both fall out of the air and explode, or at least have to reboot.. More "controlled by people" drones would be cool to see. Maybe people keep pet (or service) drones and you can battle agains other drones (like pokemon).
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DR1s ability to defend himself using EMP and the massive power pack it has could also point to another uzilization: Military.

Perhaps the military ordered a battle ready prototype which didn't work as expected?