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Royal B-25


Skill Collector
Awesome!!! And don't worry about the collector value - I've never seen one of these mythical "collector" beings ever make a purchase, just lots of people online laughing at ridiculously priced kits. Build this baby - she was meant to fly! :D


Aviation Enthusiast
I have an old Royal 172 kit, 60” wingspan, and am wondering how long the wood lasts in these old kits. The wood in mine looks perfect, but I haven't really done anything but quickly look at it and close the box again. Someday I will build it.
wondering how long the wood lasts in these old kits
As long as it doesn't get wet it lasts forever. I recently built a Guillow's kit from the 1980's. Other than the wood darkening with age it was just like new. The paper the plans were printed on had yellowed too. Moisture is the killer.