RunCam Split 2S and OSD or Runcam 3S


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Howdy all,

It has been awhile. But of course, I have a question.

Alright, I wrote a grant and was able to purchase 8 race quads for my school.

They came with everything we need to fly FPV.

Several of my students are wanting to record flights and post these videos to youtube. They have the EMAX F4 Magnum FPV Flight Stack and a nice Run Cam camera

So here is the question, what would be the best set up?

Should we replace the cameras with Splits and run the camera feed thru the flight controller to get the OSD on the transmitted video?

Should we somehow put the FC between the Split camera and the split controller to get the OSD on the recorded footage?

Should we keep the camera transmitter set up we have and use a RunCam 3s on the top in a mount and add logos and stuff later?

Or is there another option I have not thought of?

Students are wanting to post the videos of them trying different things as a way to show them working thru failures.

Thanks all!!!


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The easiest and (probably) less expensive option would be to run a separate 3S for HD footage. AFAIK there is no way to get the OSD info onto the HD portion of the Split, as it is recorded directly, while only the low def signal is passed through the FC to the VTx.


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i would go for option one. 3s adds tons of weight and you will get less flight times. If it is all the same quads with all the same specs, for sure just put splits on them the normal way. option 1


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There are now stand alone dvr's that go in the stack and record directly off the fpv camera.

Depending where you put it camera side or vtx side you can have any osd used show up.

I would not recomend the splits at all for quads. As much as I love runcam and use them exclusivly I cant recomend the splits.

The hd recordings are ok but what you see in the fpv side is useless in anything other then perfectly sunny days and no shadows.