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Running a brushless motor on a bench - heat issues?

Hey guys,
I'm trying to do something here at work as a temporary setup. We're respooling some small filament with really light tension. We're using an old DC motor to spin a pulley to basically eliminate the bearing drag from that pulley but the motor is getting hot. Would it be possible to use a small 1000kV motor (we need 7-10k RPM) and hook the ESC to a DC power supply to run the pulley? Would there be heat concerns being that it's stationary and there's no prop? There will be near zero load on it, it'll just be spinning a roughly 2" super light aluminum pulley.

Looking into this route for cost reasons due to it not being a permanent setup. I did find a Bodine 3317 brushless motor that's industrial but it's also $500. If this were going to be a permanent solution then that would definitely be the way to go. Would going the r/c motor route work ok for us? The motor will run constantly at ~7500 RPM for a couple hours at a time with breaks for spool changes. I thought I'd come here to get some input before we pull the trigger on anything.

Thanks in advance.
Witam serdecznie Panowie nie wiem czy to jest odpowiedni dział, ale zapytaj kupiłem silnik Emaxa ax2212 / 980kv i regulator 30a ale po krótkiej chwili regulator parzy jak szalony proszę o pomoc tel kont 721359126
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