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Help! RxLost Betaflight

I was flying my newly finished 5 inch drone today. I flew two batteries and everything was fine. When I was flying my third battery and about 50 yards from my car, the osd flashed rxlost and disamred. Thankfully I was only about 10 or so feet off the ground so the only damage was a little bit of mud and a ripped battery casing. I was flying from inside my car because it was cold and windy out. Did I lose connection because of this, or is there a actual issue? I had gone farther than that previously. In hindsight it probably wasn't smart or safe to fly from inside my car bu thankfully I had a spotter with me.


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I got a transmitter muff as they were on sale recently, they do work at keeping hands warm and the TX free from moisture.
You should set your TX up to warn you of low RSSI and critical RSSI, that saves most failsafes. Mine does audible warnings for both.