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Ryobi 31cc Electric Start


Junior Member
Hi guys and girls,

First time poster here and not that deep into RC planes etc at ALL though thats changing. Really only been playing with shitty Heli's and cheap RTF quads but am waiting for my first (hopefully) decent quad to come in for FPV flying etc.

This is kinda unrelated to RC gear but could be helpful to some other RC people.
I'm building a bike (yes, bike, not plane, stick with me a little longer please) using the Ryobi 31cc motors. I say motors because i'm using 10. I know, i sound crazy, but thats the idea! This is the mad builders corner after all!

Some a video so people know i'm serious about this;

So some background on it. There are 10 motors, and i put sprockets on the end of the shafts and mounted them 5 on one side and 5 on the other, all offset so the chain can weave through them so all the motors spin the correct way. The problem is that the shafts have too much side loading as the shaft only has 1 bearing (in the motor itself, and the motor is only a half crank, not a full) and the shaft isnt supported on the other end. I want to make new shafts so they are supported at both ends. On top of that, i want to use a belt drive with tensioners on them so the motors can be started individually, and not all at the same time and then apply tension on the belt when they are all running. Starting them all at once is scary and needs loads of power (that current setup is being started by a car starter motor ATM, one with a deduction drive as well)

Here is where you guys come in!!!

I am looking for a motor that will have enough grunt to start a Ryobi 31cc motor. Preferebly with a direct drive, but i guess i could make up a gear setup to form a reduction if needed.
So essentially, i want to mount a motor onto the output shaft of the Ryobi motor and use that to start it. Not only that, but when the bike is sunning, i want to be able to use the electric motors to provide a bit of extra power if/when needed. Having a knight rider "turbo boost" button has been a dream since i was a little boy and this would give me that haha.

I know you can get starters, like these http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/...er_for_2_stroke_160_110_Size_Gas_Engines.html
but they are HUGE and i'm not sure how they would like being run for extended periods of time as the turbo boost addition i mentioned before... plus $23 might be on the higher side of what i was hoping to spend ( i need 10 of these remember)

Starting them individually with a car starter works very well, as this video shows;
but again, too big and hard to use when putting on 10 of them... plus the 250A draw of a car starter is a bit much when you have 10 haha

So sorry for the big message, which is not all that related to RC stuff (even though the Ryobi 31cc are used a fair bit in the RC world) but would really like to hear if anyone knows of a good cheap motor that might do the job....