Same receiver in different planes?

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Happy Friday night everyone!

Quick question from the "I don't know what I don't know" category. Can I use the same RX in different planes? Right now i've got more planes than RX's. I'd like to pull an RX out of one plane and put it in another to use tomorrow. I'm going to assume the answer is yes because we pull gear from destroyed planes and re-use them. I figure all programming is simply tied to the plane in my transmitter's model memory, or is there some sort of electronic marriage taking place? By borrowing a RX, could the programming for the previous plane be impacted in any way?

Any clarification would be greatly appreciated.

~ Dave
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Definitely doable, depending on the radio system you may need to re-bind when changing models. My Spektrum was like this, Taranis doesn't care.


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Can I use the same RX in different planes?

Putting your Rx in a different plane will work. Absolutely no problem. You are correct the settings are all in the Tx. There may be some Tx’s that can tell which Rx they are connected to, there may be some kind of warnings that you have selected the wrong model. Bottom line, should work just fine.