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Saying Hi

Hi every buddy
My name is Dean (AKA) Dino
I am trapped here in Utah where the RC scene is so so.
I am a newbie to the RC plane and quad copter. I have been in RC cars for quite a while now.
I am a huge fan and I like this shows.
I got a gopro for my birthday last year and I spent my Christmas bonus last year on a quad copter. I was hoping to do some filming this summer but all I have been doing is just getting used to it. I have had some good falls and have broke things here and there. I found a buddy who is now my mentor he plays with quad copters and wings. he has help me get my quad up and running really well and he's help me build one wing. Which I cannot get up in the air. I know I supposed to take baby steps and start something really easy but I am the kind that goes fast. I got on here to make new friends hope to meet some of you and learn the art of flying RC. I am not new to the forum scene. Well I thought I'd just say hi to chat with you guys later.

your new friend