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scratch build suggestions


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I need help on deciding if a should get a rtf or a scratch build help. PS im an 12 year old on a budget.
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Hey Yogi cat!

Welcome to the forums.

I also am on a very tight budget, and while 16, I started the hobby at 13, so I know how it goes.

I started out scratchbuilding, and made a lot of mistakes that really made my intro to the hobby really slow.

What is your budget?

I have a lot of budget minded scratchbuilt designs and RTF packages I can point you towards if you like.
I'm *cough*OLDER*, new to the hobby and on a budget as well. I've decided to start out scratch building the FT Nutball as my first plane. So far I've spent $1 on the foam, $1 on glue sticks and I already have the glue gun, blades and ruler. I'm still waiting on my electronics but it only took me a couple hours to cut out and glue up a FT Nutball airframe and two power pods.

The way I'm approaching it is to get used to the mechanics of flying using the cheapest, easiest airplane I can make myself before I go buying something more expensive.


The nutball is an easy airplane to build, but its weird to fly, in my opinion. I'm not a big fan. Make sure you keep the control throws within the recommended range or it will be a handful.


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For $90.00 go with the Hobbyzone Champ.

It comes with everything, and you're not having to spend your money on the tools and supplies you need to build the plane. You don't have to worry if it's not flying because of your piloting skills, or if it was because of your building skills.

It's a great intro to flying kit, and ready to fly once you charge the batteries.