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Scratch build supplies

Hi there guys,

I have followed flite test for quite awhile now, but it is only recent I tried to make a scratch build FT Nutball.

My problem was that I live in Denmark, and it is expensive and sometimes hard to find some of the different supplies needed. So I was thinking it would be a good idea with a place on the flite test forum where you could enter what country you were in. And from that you would get recomendations for where to get your supplies.

For an example.

Here in Denmark, I have found some supplies:

Gluegun 178 DKK (30$) This one provides plenty of glue for scratch building. However it is a little expensive.

Gluesticks 100 pcs for 90 DKK (15$)

Extreme packing tape 68 DKK (12$)

Zipties 50 DKK (9$)

I have found something simelar to DollarTree foam boards with karton on each side, at a store called "Jem&Fix" However, it is super expensive. 199 DKK (34$) for a plate of 5mmx700mmx1000mm sheet. o_O Oh lawd please let there be something in Denmark that is much cheeper. Actually the same plate is in this webshop for half the price (still expensive).

If you are going to solder on your projects, I suggest looking here for a soldering iron, maby this one for 299 DKK (50$). And with that I suggest getting a soldering holder

All my RC electronic is bought at Hobbykings European warehouse I havent found any RC shop in Denmark that is cheeper.

But anyways, guys keep up the good work, absolutely love to spend the afternoon watching FliteTest.

Kind Regards the rookie danish guy.


Staff member
If the board is like the one you link to, it's going to be twice as heavy as the ARB (Adams Readi Board / Dollar Tree Foamboard). The Kapa brand is made from a different material. (Also Kapa Fix has a side that is not paper, but some kind of self-adhesive?)

It will work for most aircrafts, but you might need to rethink your motor and prop for that. Also the center of gravity is usually way off on these builds.

Small models like the new Mighty Minis won't probably not fly at all because of the weight.