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Scratch Builds

I love the idea of cutting out poster board for planes. I really want to make some of Flite Test's scratch builds, but I don't understand how to transfer the plans from the website to the foam board to cut out. If someone who knows an easy and effective way to do this, I'd appreciate it.


Senior Member
Open the PDF plans with the newest version of Adobe, print it out in poster form with cut lines and tape all the pages together using those lines for alignment. I usually cut the patterns out from the paper and trace them onto the foam boards. Some people use spray glue to paste the whole thing to the board and then cut along the lines.


New member
if you're building from a plan that has straight lines, like the FT Flyer, or Nutball or something, then the plans are easy to transfer, just cut them out and just mark where the corners are, then using a ruler just connect the dots and you've got your edges, nice and straight. as for the nutball... just i just taped it onto the foam and traced around it