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Scratch-Built 2D design 3D plane!


Freehand Scratch Builder

This is my flat-design 3D plane based on the popular flat flying smaller 3D planes on the market. Wingspan is 30 inches and it is a blast to fly! Good for small spaces. Enjoy!


Freehand Scratch Builder
So I was thinking the other day: "Why don't I make another profile 3D plane, just smaller, without paper, and use the minibipe power pack?" And, well I will try to design and build one soon. I am going to have to get carbon spars for support, because foamboard without paper is really flimsy. Anyway, hopefully you fans will enjoy this :).


Gravity Tester
Awesome! Do you have plans or some measurements so I can build one? I have been wanting a small 3D plane that can fly in a small area and have built a few profile planes similar to yours, but they never flew well. A build article would be nice too. A smaller version, if it works, sounds great as well.


Freehand Scratch Builder
I will try once I start the smaller version. Next weekend will be the time, and I will post an update then. :)