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Scratch Built Goldberg "Jr. Tiger"

I had a balsa Jr. Tiger years back and always wanted another and since I had some extra foam laying around... Well the photos tell the rest of the story... Mudman1959



That, sir, is just a beautiful blending of newer materials and old school techniques! Well done.

What type of foam did you use to sheet the wings?


I have played around with that on a model of a Globe-Temco Swift. I affixed the sheeting (foam board) on the nose ribs, then attempted to roll it back onto the remainder of the top of the wing ribs by gently heating with a heat gun. I almost had it, but then got a little less than gentle with the heat. I was able to remove the sheeting, so at least I can try again.

How did you go about it?
Take and pull the paper off and then run it under hot water in the tub, roll it around a form or just hand roll it. I usually will roll it tighter than the actual part needed and then when dry it springs back a little and usually will be the right size. I use hot glue mostly but you have to have a hot gun and be fast.


Dedicated foam bender
Now that school has started why does he need sleep at all! :p

The plane of this thread is a work of art for sure. :applause:

It sure is. I was so busy trying to be funny, I forgot to mention how good the plane looks! Truly a masterpiece of blended build materials!


It is indeed a beautiful build. And, I tried to go to bed at 7:30 tonight. Now, I'm sitting in the ER at Hershey Medical Center. I hate it when that happens.