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Scratch Built Micros - FT Store and Bullet Connectors

I am trying to find a lightweight power setup for a mini nutball (~14") design and the new FT store is making it a bit hard. My goal is just a small solder-less power system for an AUW 100-125g plane. Given how light everything else is an H, A or even F pack motor should work but smaller is better. I could put an F-pack (that I have laying around) on it for giggles but I would rather a slow flyer then a fast one. With everything but the motor/prop/firewall I am at 95g. I want to avoid soldered connections so my daughter can put it together herself. If I can pre-solder bullets myself I am happy to waste a few grams to make it easier.

I was looking at the A and H power setups, but I dont need the whole power pack. I wanted to make sure I could actually connect the motors to my 12A emax ESCs. I've bought the 1806 from FT before and it came with bullets. The store page says nothing about bullets on the motor. Does it still have them?

For the 1106s, I cant find the emax pbd sold by itself, the page doesnt mention bullets and I cant find bullet connectors on the FT store. Anyone bought the motor itself before? Did you connect it without a PDB?

I was even looking at the 3000kv version of the 1106 as slower is better. What power setups do you use for your brushless micros?


Old and Bold RC PILOT
If you get desperate for motor to ESC bullet connectors you could always make your own.

For some of my models I just cut up old XT30 or XT60 connectors, Male and female, from old batteries and damaged ESCs. All you need then is a few small lengths of heatshrink and you are all set!

It works for me!

have fun!