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First off, I'm just gonna say I'm a huge fan of the show, and I love everything you guys do. I was looking through your old videos on youtube and saw the FT Snowball. It looks great and all, so I had the idea of you guys at Flitetest possibly making a seaplane as part of your swappable series. Seaplanes look interesting at hobbyking and all, but way to expensive. Hope you consider this idea.


Check out this inspiration from some other members!

I love the slowboat that I built! Unfortunately the dtfb wing warped and stripped a servo after flying off water. So this plane is best suited for depron or FFF.

The West Michigan Park Flyers Mako Seaplane was pretty cool.

Polaris Seaplane is cool. I have no experience with this plane.

The Drake seaplane is being built by another member:

All of these plans are affordable to build, but are not swappables.. Give it a try and enjoy it. You don't have to wait for the FliteTest Crew to release a design.