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Servo Reviews


Junior Member
I would **LOVE** to see tips on Servos. Not just tips, but full blown reviews. Especially on Hobby King servos.

In particular, I'd like to see an HS-65 replacement. I've bought a whole box full of servos over the years trying to find a solid replacement for the HS-65 servos. At $25-35 per servo (HB and MG respectfully), they are very expensive. I'm constantly trying new servos trying to find a drop in replacement that costs $5-10 each. I thought the HK939MG was the answer, but there are two problems with that servo -- 1. The arms are too short for 3D, and there's no easy extension solution; and 2. It has poor centering, which causes the control surface to be off-center after a maneuver...making the maneuver sloppy. Also, with poor centering, it's very difficult to trim the plane.

So...what's the best drop in replacement for the tried and true (but $$$) HS-65HB and HS-65MG servos? No plastic gears, please. They strip too easily. Metal or carbide only.