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Set screw on Blue wonder.


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Try a m3 screw - but sharpen the en with a file. The original black screw is of a much harder material than the normal white steel.


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any hardware store with hardware bins should have what you need. I useually find good replacment stuff from my local ACE hardware. Probuild has a good selection, but try ACE first. a lot of the big box sstores dont have the tiny stuff we need for RC. if there is a Fastnel dealer in your area then that would be best.

I also would sugest picking up a nice magnetic tray to put in your field kit to help avoid this type of problem in the future. Not a sure fire way to stop it, but a good magnet can help find lost screws in brush.
Thanks for all of the response, went to a machine shop and the found 3mm to fit. The only had a screw not a set screw so I ordered some from the Internet.