Set up an Eflite Maule M7 to a DX7


New member
Hi, I'm new to this site and haven't flown for a couple of years due to health issues so just getting back into the hobby.

I have a new Eflite Maule M7 BNF which I have built but cannot seem to get the settings to work correctly on my Tx. It binds OK but does not run through the SAFE routine for the control surfaces like it should do.

Does anyone here have a settings file that they can share with me? I have found one on the Spektrum website for a DX6/Maule but when i try to add it from the SD card it says the file is for a DX8 and will not load.

thought about using the Eflite Timber file for DX6 but not had chance yet,has anyone done this?

Many Thanks Ian