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I've been interested in twin boom inverted V aircraft for a while. I followed this project:
and thought I could build a slightly less scale version using the Flite test A motor, 850 mh battery, 5mm carbon fiber tubes and foamboard.

Mine weighs 330g (with battery), has a 76.4cm wingspan, 12 cm chord and wing area of about 916 sq cm.

I based the construction off the mini P-51

I started with a test piece

20220503_150001.jpg 20220503_150014.jpg 20220503_162438.jpg


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Made a simple fuselage. Angled up the aft of it to allow more air to get to the prop.

Heaps of room for the gear and will move the battery fwd/aft for C of G trim.


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Wing was tricky. I needed to have the 4 servos mounted within the wing and have the 2 rods fitted inside (not on top or bottom). I tinkered with the practice wing to find the best way. I probably over engineered it and added too much weight.


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Was too tail heavy, added weight and still about 5mm to far back. Put in an older but bigger battery but it died 2 min in. Should be easy enough to fix.




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do you have any slop in your tail surface controls? with how you pass the pushrods down that CF tube, it looks like there could be a bit of slop.

you can test by pressing gently on the surface and see if it can move without the servo moving.


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Here is an A-pack sized twin boom A tail (inverted V), plans and all
Hey Jason, thanks for sharing that stuff. I wasn't sure if the foamboard would be strong enough but looks like it is. Once I saw the carbon fiber rods, however, I was hooked. The tricky bit was affixing to the wing AND getting the control rods down. I drilled a hole in the boom and fed the control rod out with a bend.
No slop in the control surfaces but one aileron servo sticks in full deflection. I haven't played with the throws yet but I will only buy decent servos from now on.
I didn't build it with FPV in mind but now it's made...