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Should there be a FT Skyvan?

Should there be an FT Skyvan?

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After watching Flite Test’s videos of the RC car and watermelons I began to wonder if they’ll ever come out with plans or a speed build kit for a FT Skyvan. I would love to have one in my fleet of the do come out with the design.


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I feel like the skyvan as of now is too big for 80% of hobbyists out there. It's too hard to store and transport in it's current iteration.

As @kdobson83 said though if you scale it down you have an existing design, the guinea pig.


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I agree, it would make a good kit for the new thick fb. But as others have said, there are already other designs very similar. Would rather see a tiger cat, or something more master series as a focus of effort.


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Its a flying box. I feel as though there should never be a "kit" per se, just loose instructions and a build thread with no blueprints. Let people figure out how to optimally attach wings to a box. Bring them to flitefest. All of the contenders. Have skyvan combat. There can only be one.


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I think the skyvan is really more of a plane for dropping large stuff from not something most would build unless they had a very specific prupose to use it for.