Should there be a FT Skyvan?

Should there be an FT Skyvan?

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After watching Flite Test’s videos of the RC car and watermelons I began to wonder if they’ll ever come out with plans or a speed build kit for a FT Skyvan. I would love to have one in my fleet of the do come out with the design.


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I'm down for new planes and all but it's too similar to the Guinea Pig for me. There's way to many other planes FT could do rather than do another twin high wing cargo plane.


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I feel like the skyvan as of now is too big for 80% of hobbyists out there. It's too hard to store and transport in it's current iteration.

As @kdobson83 said though if you scale it down you have an existing design, the guinea pig.


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I think that for those who prefer larger planes it would be great. Plus, it gives FT a reason to put out an XL power pack and to use that thick foam as the base scale for a model. For the storage problems, I would imagine you could solve that the same way as the radian XL, but without all the stupid screws.


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I agree, it would make a good kit for the new thick fb. But as others have said, there are already other designs very similar. Would rather see a tiger cat, or something more master series as a focus of effort.


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Its a flying box. I feel as though there should never be a "kit" per se, just loose instructions and a build thread with no blueprints. Let people figure out how to optimally attach wings to a box. Bring them to flitefest. All of the contenders. Have skyvan combat. There can only be one.


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b-29er that sounds like a great idea! I could only imagine what sorts of crazy designs would be brought out for that combat.


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I think the skyvan is really more of a plane for dropping large stuff from not something most would build unless they had a very specific prupose to use it for.

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This is my favorite video, and I would love to build one of these to drop the various extra pumpkins we grow on the farm. It seems like it would be simple enough to make the wing an easy detachable design, and maybe the tail.