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Show Challenge Idea: 3rd Person FPV

Hello guys,

i'm a big fan of your show, keep up the good work!

Recently i was FPVing with my tricopter and tried to walk on a path on a field. Of course only seeing myself through the eye in the sky (like Tomb Raider, GTA*..). It was quite a challenging task for my coordination and a lot of fun for my buddys to watch :).

So here's my idea:

The contestants have to go through an obstacle course, only seeing themselves through their FPV copter which they have to control in the same time.

Best Regards



creator of virtual planes
Interesting idea. In the game Driver: San Fransisco, there was a part where you have to drive a car from the perspective of a chase car. It was weird and a bit of a mind screw. But interesting.

Hopefully no one would get too confused and crash into themselves.


New member
thats quite a cool challenge. i'm imagining the quadcoptor up high with the camera tilted all the way down so its a top down view like a video game.


Senior Member
Of course Bixler can just throw his multi into loiter mode and not have to worry about piloting while he runs the course.